written on the second day of my quit and originally posted on november 20, 2001, this is a report of how my first day as a non-smoker went; i'd made it through the dreaded day one, and was very grateful for the preparations i'd made.

day one

2009 January 2

for some reason, i couldn't get on-line last night after work (although i was still getting e-mail), so i thought i'd check in this morning to let you all know that i made it through day one!! (sounds of crowds cheering, trumpets sounding)

this morning i feel drained, but triumphant! I DID NOT GIVE IN! and that’s going to make it so much easier to make it through today; i’ve got what feels like an enormous investment in this quit, and i’m not going to get stupid and throw that away for any reason.

as i said in my last couple of posts from work, there were only about 3 or 4 really bad craves during the day, and i was able to ride them out.

last night, there were a couple more bad ones between dinnertime and bedtime, but what really surprised me were the two that woke me from a sound sleep (around 1:30 am and again around 5); i don't remember this ever happening before in previous quits. i guess the demon is that much stronger now...

those were tough; i woke in a cold sweat both times, and laid there for what seemed like hours, choosing not to feed the demon (at least not right this moment) over and over again until i fell back to sleep, exhausted.

this morning i feel drained, but triumphant! I DID NOT GIVE IN! and that's going to make it so much easier to make it through today; i've got what feels like an enormous investment in this quit, and i'm not going to get stupid and throw that away for any reason.

many thanks to debi, Chrissy, Lynne, Anne, Jerilyn, Rosemary, and all the others who have been so supportive of my efforts here - i'm sorry if i spelled anyone's name wrong, and i also apologize to those i've left out of the above list - you've all been tremendously helpful, and words really can't express my gratitude.

kevin - day two (putting one foot in front of the other)

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  1. 2003 June 12
    Rosemary permalink

    Today I have not smoked for 24 hours, and counting, felt a lot of craving, but went out, kept busy, read, did crosswords, thought abt. smoking, let it pass, really thought abt. it again, and again, drank cold water, walked, talked to myself in an angry manner, to tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed that this was me making a very big decision, not the cigarette, hope this will continue. I did join FFS, they are also very good, I think the key is to keep reading the boards, on each site, it really helps.

  2. 2004 July 19
    FANTASHIA permalink

    I have now been quit for 131 days. I can remember the first day without a cigarette. I came home from being so miserable at work and was just hateful.That first night was awful. I literally laid in my bed and prayed to GOD to take the cravings away and if he couldn't take them all away just take the strong ones It was like I was a "junkie on drugs" to which now I realize I WAS.

    Most people don't realize nicotine is a drug that will hook it's claws into you just like cocaine. I didn't until I quit and got my senses back and I thought I had lost all my marbles the first week without a cigarette. Anyhow, nicotine is a strong,powerful,and deadly DRUG. No matter what way you look at it, you will suffer from some health affliction from this drug. May god be with each smoker who is trying to quit and I hope Kevin will be with us too. Thank You Kevin for what you are doing to help other smokers who are trying to quit smoking. I read this to my husband to whom is on day 6 of not smoking. Reading the things you have written seems to help him. I wished I would have found this forum when I was quitting.

  3. 2006 November 8
    Lori permalink

    Day one and a very long one. After several attempts, this is the one. I promised myself, my 4year old and two year old. I am trying to forgive myself for putting so much effort into smoking when it was just an inconvience.

    I figured after day one I would start feeling worse, but I have to say I feel better. I had a very emotional day one. I cried alot, like in the past quit attempts, but this time I just let it all out and then I felt better. ONE DAY AT A TIME!

  4. 2009 January 2

    note: the comments above were left on the original tale at the date and time indicated.

  5. 2009 January 23
    Debi permalink

    aloha kevin!

    You've appeared in my mind's eye a few times over the last week, so I visited woofmang and followed a link here. Nice place... and, dude, the "vigilance" theme was an absolutely AWESOME choice! 😉

    I enjoyed reviewing these long-ago thoughts and remembering your knack for storytelling. I find myself curious: Are you using that talent for any current stuff?... creating things that bring you joy? I hope so.

    The trip down Memory Lane even inspired a bit of random googling (as opposed to "opening my browser and conducting a search" -- ha!) for "rubyread," specifically, and zomg! I still "know" folks on the front page of quitsmokingjournals. Even more ZOMG, the most recent entry for the diarist I clicked on presented virtually the same dithyramb she offered seven years ago. (You do know that I only included that thought so I could use the word "dithyramb," right?)

    BTW, discounting my email addy, I think this may be the only place online I've ever been little-d "debi," and it made me Smile.

    My goodness, where did the evening go?!?

    Here's hoping Life's treating you well...

    A hui hou,

  6. 2010 August 30

    Day one. A really, really tough one. Boss sabotaging me, and cravings so bad I'm pushed to sobs in the bathroom. I will not falter, and reading this has helped me get my bearings. Thank you!

  7. 2013 April 1
    donna permalink

    today is day one for me hope I can make it this time I have to quit for my son

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