written on my sixth day of freedom from smoking and originally posted on november 25, 2001; i was amazed to see signs of recovery so soon after quitting.

sign of recovery

2009 January 7

i just noticed a sign today (11/25/01)

something felt totally wrong… as i thought about it, i realized that my hand was warm - right to the fingertips! it was the oddest sensation.

for years i've had cold hands, even in the summer (and as cold as they were in the summer, they'd be like icicles in the winter). it was so pronounced that nearly everyone who ever felt them would remark on it.

i got used to either brushing it off with "cold hands, warm heart" or explaining that they had gotten frostbitten years ago, and never really felt warm since. and i've always believed that the frostbite i suffered 25 years ago really was responsible for the poor circulation in my hands.

this morning i was reading, and i had my head sort of "propped up" on my left hand (you know - elbow on the arm of the chair, left cheek resting on left palm) and something felt totally wrong... as i thought about it, i realized that my hand was warm - right to the fingertips! it was the oddest sensation.

i stopped by my sister's house this afternoon to drop off a book i thought she'd enjoy, and she invited me in for a cup of coffee. i accepted, and, as we were talking, something reminded me of this morning - i walked over to her and put my hand on her cheek, and she said, "my god! your hand is warm!" then she reached up and put her hand on my cheek, and said my face felt warm, too (which apparently it didn't use to).

she told me that her husband, dean, had remarked on thanksgiving (after i'd left) that i actually seemed to have some color to my face since i quit smoking, and said she'd noticed the same thing. she said my face used to be so pale, i always looked a little bit sick...

guess i'm getting better! (don't know why i'm so tweaked about this, but i am...)

kevin - day 6

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  1. 2003 June 10
    stopimust permalink

    I do not know if you are a writer, but you certainly do relate to your everyday process of not smoking. Bet you are very proud of what you have accomplished, add to the fact you write so very well about it, I feel like it is reading your journal of giving up smoking. Have found it very informative.
    However this is only day ONE, and I'm really not in a good mood. Just wanted to comment on your writing, and commiment. A job well done!
    Thankyou for sharing your journey.

  2. 2004 August 3
    Mariko permalink

    Wow, I find this very interesting!! Because today I have noticed the same thing about myself. I have always had cold hands, in the dead middle of summer or winter, always cold!! I bother my boyfriend and stick my hand under his shirt b/c my hands are "mini icicles". Last month i was in Texas and my Aunt has diabetes so I let her check my blood sugar with her little needle thing. In japanese she gasped! "anata wa stumetai te o shiteru ne!" translates to You have really cold hands... I always thought it was because I had thin fingers, and this is what people used to tell me. But today.. Today was different. I put my hands on my face to hold my head up, and they were really warm. This is very interesting...maybe just a coincidence..hehe OK im rambling!! "the tales" are so helpful and your writing in wonderful :).

  3. 2006 February 12
    Stan permalink

    Boy talk about something funny. I have been quit for 14 days now, and that was the first thing i noticed was my left hand which always seems to be cold is no longer that way. About a day or 2 after I stopped smoking that was the first change I notcied was that my hand was not longer cold, but in fact had and has been warm. I have also noticed and had checked my blood presure and paulse has gone down. Boy what a great feeling!!!


  4. 2009 January 7

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