written before i actually quit and originally posted on november 15, 2001; it lists my top ten reasons for wanting to quit smoking.

reasons i wanted to quit

2008 December 28

the original list of reasons why i wanted to quit smoking:

i'd rather not be an outcast anymore; i'm tired of people looking at me like i've got leprosy because i'm smoking a cigarette.

  1. i've already given myself emphysema by smoking; i can't afford to let it get any worse than it already is.
  2. i want to be able to breathe freely: having emphysema and bronchitis has been pretty scary; there have been times over the last couple of weeks that i couldn't take a breath without going into a choking, gagging, coughing fit.
  3. i want to be free of this disgusting, dirty habit.
  4. i want to get healthy: i'd like to start working out again, lose my spare tire, and be able to participate in strenuous physical activities without feeling like i'm going to have a heart attack.
  5. i'd rather not be an outcast anymore; i'm tired of people looking at me like i've got leprosy because i'm smoking a cigarette.
  6. i want to be more attractive to women.
  7. i hate the stink of cigarettes. even as a smoker, it pisses me off when someone's smoking somewhere they shouldn't be, and it interferes with my enjoyment of a situation (like when someone at an adjacent table in a restaurant lights up - i hate that).
  8. i'd like to look better, smell better, and feel better about myself.
  9. i want my circulation to improve so my hands and feet aren't cold constantly any more.
  10. if Bob could do it, so can i!
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  1. 2004 July 14
    Marvel permalink

    These are great reasons Kevin. And as I was reading them I realized that I have achieved all of these things (except the one about being attractive to women!) since I quit over 8 months ago. I'd even forgotten about the constant cold hands and feet because I haven't experienced those in what seems like ages. Life is good and getting better every day.

    I just think you're the greatest!

  2. 2004 July 22
    Barbara permalink

    Your reasons are my reasons - except the being attractive to women - I am a woman - and really don't need to be attractive to men anymore - other than my husband. Which brings me to another reason I want to quit - my husband and the second hand smoke he breathes everyday. He has NEVER smoked yet people will ask him if he does because ALL his clothes smell of MY smoke.

    I also have a son who will not come to my home because of the smell.

    Tomorrow is my quit date - I'm a little scared, but I've been spending a LOT of time online with FFS and now that I found this site I imagine I'll be spending a lot of time on it as well.

    Years ago when I originally went to FFS (in person) there were NO support groups of anykind for smokers - what a joy to know all I have to do to get help is just go online.

    By the way - the last time I went to FFS it did work - only I didn't "work it" and started to smoke again after three months.

    This time I will work it - because I'm worth it!

  3. 2008 December 28

    note: the comments above were left on the original tale on the dates indicated.

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