originally posted on october 6, 2002, this is my simple two-step plan to remain smoke-free forever.

two step quit plan

2009 February 19

most craves last less than five minutes. knowing this, here's a simple two-step plan to remain smoke-free forever:

  1. commit to yourself that you'll always wait at least five minutes before caving in to a crave and lighting up.
  2. if the crave persists for more than five minutes, see step #1.
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  1. 2003 February 28
    rose permalink

    This made me laugh. Thanks -Rose

  2. 2004 July 31
    fantashia permalink


  3. 2005 March 3
    2BFree permalink

    Love it...can't loose with a plan like that!!

  4. 2005 April 25
    Raven permalink

    expected a long two step plan when you linked me over here...lol thanks for the chuckle and B/T/W great plan !

  5. 2005 December 5
    Blondie permalink

    Ha! Very funny. But I can't lose if I follow it, right?

  6. 2009 February 19

    note: the comments above were left on the original tale at the date and time indicated.

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