originally posted on july 31, 2003, this tale asks a simple question: how bad do you want it? your ability to stay free is in direct proportion to your desire to stay free.

how bad do you want it?

2009 February 25

imagine you're swimming underwater when something incredibly strong grabs one of your legs and won't let go: you know you've only got a minute or two to break free or you'll drown.

how hard do you fight to break that grip?

how much do you want to reach the surface?

is there any way you're going to give up that fight?

if you approach quitting smoking with that kind of intensity, you can't fail.

how bad do you want it?

kevin - grateful to be in my 620th day of freedom today!

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  1. 2005 December 24
    Margaret permalink

    Oh, boy, I thought I had read all the Tales! How could I have missed this one? It must be Fate just waiting until I really needed it, which was tonight. THank you, Kevin! I have felt that grab for my ankle underwater, and I would do just about anything to kick Free, so now I AM FREE!! PHew! thank you, thank you....!!

  2. 2009 February 25

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